A darkened corner reproduces the looks of a small, gloomy apartment. A sofa placed right in this corner faces a TV set. The remote is visibly placed on a small table that sits between the sofa and the TV set. This setup invites the spectator to sit on the sofa and switch on the TV. Not noticing anything peculiar with the TV, he may browse some local programs before he briefly pauses on something more or less interesting. However, after less than ten seconds of watching, the emission will interrupt and the TV will switch randomly to another program. The spectator may switch back to the favorite program using the remote, but this would have created a gap in the program. If he does not uses the remote, the new program will eventually also be interrupted in a seemingly random way. In fact, it will take two or three of these interruptions for the spectator to discover that he is causing these disruptions by just blinking the eyes.

  A short video demonstration of the system can be seen below (1’56”):